Year of Foundation:   2006

Operation Field:   2100

Production Capacity:  55.000 pieces per min month both woven and jersey

Collection:  Collections and Seller samples are developed in line with customer wishes and prepared in a very short time.Drawings and dreams of desiners can be fully reflected to the styles.

Production Type:  With the experience of long years and contribution of producing for companies of various kinds,any kind of style can be easily manufactured.Styles for Ladies,Men and Kids (Casual,Fashion,Classic) with washing and fabric dyeing products (such as skirts, blazers, pants, coast, t-shirts,denim pants and jacket .knıt wear. sweat shirts, etc.)can be manufactured.Also, styles in which woven and knit fabrics are mixed can be produced.

Production Lead Time:   The lead time of production is 5 to 8 weeks varying depending on the type of fabric and accessory used.

Amount of Production:   As long as the fabric can be prepared or is available, the production can be carried out without any restriction on the number of pieces (from 50 to 50,000 pieces).

Used Fabries:   Any kind of woven and knit fabrics can be manufactured. Also , fabric swatches brought by customers era analyzed and alternatives of same quality can be prepared of domistic fabrics. All compact and special types of woven and knit fabrics with fşbers that are dyed or twisted or have shantung can be manufactured.

Cotton, wool, acrylic, flax, viscose, linen, fabries are under our field of production.

We can carry out production with all dyeing techniques (reactive, pigment, sulfur, fluid, printed, plastering). Technical fabrics can also be processed: clothes in which organic, metal and nano tecnologies are used, which can breathe and continuously give the feeling of coolnes and which do not make people sweat can be manufactured.

Accessories:  Any kind of special accessories can be developed ; special gliders, emblems, metal and plastic accessories are manufactured at European standards.

Quality:  Our Campany has adopted quality as a main principle item and has not deprived quality since the very first day of its foundation. High-quality products are used in all manufacturing phases even from the use of raw materials. Each purchased product is held subject to quality control and then forwarded to production. Quality is again considered as the most important issue at the outfitting stage and manufacturing is carried out without combining trade with quality.

Customer Satisfaction:   We take the responsibility in any kinds of problems from the collection stege to after-sales to end-consumers and perform all actions under our responsibility.

Comoanies worked with:   Germany, USA , Denmark, England, etc..


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